Patricia Is Where Service Matters

Congratulations to Silver Star Award recipient, Patricia Zapata at Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) for proactively providing cost savings to the client and delivering Where Service Matters. Patricia noticed a discrepancy in a payment request containing new wiring information. She proactively contacted the vendor and determined that the payment request were fraudulent. Due to Patricia’s diligence, she prevented a $250K payment from being sent from the client. AGCS client, Betty Leung stated, “Thank you for having the necessary conversation with AP to put a stop payment on a fraud attempt. You being aware of our payment process and taking the time to notice when something looked/felt funny, you proactively stopped us from issuing an $250k+ payment to an individual with whom it would have been extremely difficult for us to reclaim money back from.” Patricia is Where Service Matters!