Malya Is Where Service Matters

Kudos to Silver Star Award recipient, Malya Alperin at Veteran Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) for her continuous dedication to delivering Where Service Matters. Malya completed a large print project for a Sail Summit held at VAMC on her own. The quality of the binders were outstanding and the Summit participants really appreciated receiving a copy of the binders to directly take notes. Malya went above and beyond in a short timeframe and completed the task as a professional. She continues to receive client recognition: “Malya, thank you for all your hard work and dedication from all of our staff and Veterans here at the VAMC Northport. It is greatly appreciated,” says Laura J. Steenbuck, Administrative Officer-Logistics Mgt. Service/Supervisor Mail/Reproduction Operations, VAMC. Joy Andrew from the VISN2, VAMC stated, “Mayla’s patience throughout the entire process was something to write home about.  She was very pleasant on the phone even when last minute changes were required.  Her professionalism is very commendable.  She truly is a great staff.” Malya is Where Service Matters.