Where Service Matters, Anthony Luongo, Promoted to Director of Security at TMG

The Millennium Group, Where Service Matters, is thrilled to congratulate a dynamic member of the Where Service Matters team, Anthony Luongo on his recent promotion to Director of Security for TMG!

A veteran TMG manager, Anthony has over 20 years of Law Enforcement experience and over 20 years of Operations Experience.  While employed by the NYC Police Department, he held several significant roles including Detective Supervisor and worked extensively with the NYPD Intelligence Division where he worked closely with the U.S. Secret Service and participated on the NYC Citywide security assessment project.  In addition, Anthony has an extensive background in facilities management including securing building entry points such as loading docks and messenger centers in numerous commercial office buildings.

Among Anthony’s several successes at TMG, he has been instrumental in the expansion of our SafeMail solution. His efforts contributed to the 300% expansion of the SafeMail New York operation, as well the expansion of the SafeMail mail screening services to the Western Region. SafeMail leads the industry in mail and package screening, and thanks to Anthony’s diligent efforts, it will now help keep the San Francisco Bay Area’s business community safe from mail terrorism.

“Anthony’s experience in security supports our continued efforts to diversify and expand at TMG,” stated TMG President Timothy Kerner, adding, “he is truly a dedicated to Where Service Matters and a vital asset to our team.”

 Congratulations to Anthony for this exciting achievement. Anthony, you are Where Service Matters!