Three Reasons Why Where Service Matters Starts With A Smile

A Where Service Matters smile is an invitation; it is the one that sets the trend and creates a rapport with our clients. Omitting smiles from the equation leaves out the crucial ingredient in any of our business interactions.

On National Smile Day, we relay three reasons why Where Service Matters starts with a smile:

1.       A Where Service Matters smile is our attitude. Not only does a smile tell our first impressions, it also tells our attitude, adding that personal touch that says that we would like to serve our clients. It shows our clients that we are ready and willing to go the extra mile. In addition, we smile even when we are not face-to-face with customers. Our tone of voice on the phone and style of our correspondence communicate a virtual smile.

2.       A Where Service Matters smile is our commitment. Smiling is as much a reflection of The Millennium Group’s promise. It helps form the customer’s first impression, an indication of a pledge to offer a satisfactory service. It plays a role in everything that we do, in every transaction that we touch, and in our relationship with every customer. It starts before we first interact with our customers, and it certainly does not end when the transaction is complete.

3.       A Where Service Matters smile is our mindset. Smiling is a personal touch that extends our customer service promise and reflects our passion. Smiling sets our tone; it establishes a rapport and initiates trust within our clients, the cornerstone of all of our business relationships.

We cannot control everything that unfolds during customer interactions, but we can always control the attitude that we convey, such as amiability, energy and excitement, as well as commitment to satisfying our clients. Our mission is Where Service Matters: Expertise, People & Professionalism, Leadership & Stability, Execution, Development & Teamwork, and Relationships, and it always beings with a smile.