Kenneth, Derek, Seth, and Ronald Are Where Service Matters

Thank you to our Where Service Matters Team at Affinity Health Plan (from L to R): Kenneth Wilder, Derek Parrinello, Seth Goldberg, and Ronald Bechan, for their exceptional, and client-recognized service. “The Millennium Group really means “Reliability” to me. Derek and his Team go the extra mile and take personal satisfaction in exceeding Affinity’s expectations. TMG staff approach their work with flexibility. They believe in listening, learning, and sharing their insights and best practices for the benefit of all Affinity Health Plan customers. They keep their eye on the future, understanding industry trends and the importance of investing in long-term relationships with customers, their employees, and business partners. Congratulations on a job very well done and keep up the great customer service you provide to Affinity!” TMG Team at Affinity Health Plan, you are all Where Service Matters!

pamela sajnani