TMG's, Heidi Felix Receives Women of Distinction Award

Congratulations! On October 20th, 2018, TMG’s Heidi Felix, Business Development Specialist, along with nine other women, received the New York State Assembly Women of Distinction Award from New York State Assemblyman, Dave McDonough.

The New York State Assembly Women of Distinction is a event to honor local women in Long Island who have made tremendous contributions to their community in the fields of volunteerism, education, military service, community and civic affairs, government, healthcare, business and humanitarian efforts. The 2018 Women of Distinction ceremony took place at the Merrick Library in Merrick with Dave McDonough awarding an official Assembly Citation to each woman who was selected.

“This is a wonderful event that allows me to give back to those women who have dedicated their lives to making our community a better place to live, work and raise a family,” McDonough said. “I hear so many tremendous and heartwarming stories year after year through this event that allow me to appreciate the selfless and dedicated individuals we have here on Long Island. It was my pleasure to honor these women and I am pleased to know our community is filled with such great people.”

“I am grateful for the recognition that we received for leading organizations and volunteering to make a difference in our communities. Blessed to be recognized for doing what I love, volunteering and planting seeds of happiness all around me,” says Heidi Felix.

Heidi, you are Where Service Matters!