The Millennium Group Expands HQ Space into Bell Works Solidifying its Servicing Partnership

The Millennium Group Where Service Matters, has expanded is headquarters footprint in New Jersey by taking conference and meeting space in one of the world’s largest single co-working spaces, and current client, Bellworks in Holmdel New Jersey.   The Millennium Group provides the onsite mail management services supporting the tenants of Bell Work’s “metroburb” and now it reciprocates that trust and commitment by accessing its one of a kind business destination for its conference and meeting services. 

“Staying a part of the progressive business community as a tenant and provider is not only unique for us, but timely,” said Timothy Kerner, President The Millennium Group.  “Our company’s expansion leads us to a premier real estate need and Bell Works is just that in New Jersey.”

The word “metroburb” was coined to describe Bell Works, the vision for a self-contained metropolis in a livable and accessible suburban location. With everything you could find in a great downtown -- from office space and retail to art and culture -- a Metroburb is a microcosm of innovation, possibility, and inspiration.  The Millennium Group has been supporting Bell Works with its onsite Mail Management Services for over a year. 

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