The Millennium Group Expands its SafeMail Solution into the San Francisco Bay Area


The Millennium Group, Where Service Matters proudly announces the expansion of their SafeMail mail screening services to the Western Region. SafeMail leads the industry in mail and package screening, and will now help keep the San Francisco Bay Area’s business community safe from mail terrorism.

Since 2011, The Millennium Group’s SafeMail mail screening facility provides a comprehensive solution to dozens of organizations in the New York metropolitan, and Washington, DC areas. Mail and commercial deliveries, including freight, is secured by SafeMail from Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) threats prior to delivery to a customer. Mail is picked up at local postal facilities, transported, screened and delivered back to client facilities in the same day, often by midday, minimizing any delays in mail related workflows.  

From Wall Street to the San Francisco Bay Area, organizations understand the need to maximize security and urgently want to ensure mail security for their employees and facilities. With SafeMail, companies throughout the Bay Area have access to the same level of mail security services as a critical component of their business continuity plans.

“Now more than ever, it is diligent to reinforce the suspicious mail training for those engaged in package processing.   SafeMail adheres to USPS guidelines and best practices developed over years of experience.    Our image interpretation operators are advanced in detecting all elements of mail related bombs, ensuring protection to the corporate community.   Our premier chemical and biological detection systems offer an industry “Best Practice” for the elevated threat conditions beyond tradition X-ray,” says Anthony Luongo, Senior Operations Manager, The Millennium Group.  Anthony, a former law enforcement officer with the NYPD, now leads The Millennium Group’s security team and manages it’s SafeMail services nationally.     

Where Service Matters is in execution; The Millennium Group remains steadfast on the commitment to improve the security controls of inbound mail and packages for business’ throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

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